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Here is a shot of Al Gondos telling La Vern to prepare for the taping


Here are some photos from the tapings:

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Episode 100 - Queen Sized Bed

This is the one hour special that later initiated The Metal Guy series.

Made of steel with mahogany accents

Episode 101 - Lamps & Shades

Givin here are some examples of lamp bases and how they go together. also shown is rusted steel shade, and the layout, construction, and asembly of a copper and steel lamp shade.

Episode 102 - Gate

A very nice entry gate,with clean lines, simple and easy to build and looks great.

Episode 103 - Utensils

Old fasioned kitchen utensils, including spatula, ladle, cooking fork and how to make some of the tools needed. It will give you a lot of ideas.

Episode 104 - Work Bench

The center piece and most important tool in any home or professional shop is a good work bench with drawers and wheels. This program shows how to keep it flat and true. This type of workbench makes projects easier.

Episode 105 - All About Tools

On this show La Vern talks aboutthe basic tools to do basic to complex projects

Photos Coming Soon

Episode 106 - Pot Racks

Fun to build using simple tools not requiring welding. also included are pot hooks and candel holders that mount onthe pot racks.

Photos Coming Soon

Episode 107 - Candle Holders

Susan Durazo is La Verns guest and is a local artist. It isamazing how she makes beautiful candle holders using comon and recycled materials, this one will suprise you.

Episode 108 - Bike
Episode 109 - High School Projects
Episode 110 - Building a Small Forge
Episode 111 - How to Weld Photos Coming Soon
Episode 112 - Making Tools Photos Coming Soon
Episode 113 - Copper Rose & Bracelet

Studio Shots

Click on the image to view photos from the KVCR Studios!

The cast and crew for The Metal Guy