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La Vern began metal working in 1972. This was at a time when the men who knew how to work metal in the old ways were retiring one by one. These craftsman were so delighted by the young apprentices interest in the old methods, that they took the extra time in teaching La Vern these crafts, which had already been fazed out of the trades.

La Vern paid close attention to these craftsman; he knew that when they were gone, with them their knowledge. Over the next 16 years, La Vern practiced the skills passed down to him and collected the tools needed to open a shop.
In 1988, La Vern's dreams of having his own shop were realized. His daughters Joan and Catherine, have been working with their father since they were little girls, carrying on a family tradition.

La Vern first appeared on KVCR TV/ PBS on December 4, 1999, in a one hour pledge drive special about him and the crafts he does. As a resulting success of the show he was asked to do an additional 13 shows, that aired from 2001 to 2003.
He has done metal work for the Aerospace Industry, several movies, Disney and also has been featured in magazines, and on CBS Morning News.

La Vern now resides in Morongo Valley, Ca. with a new art and film studio.

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